2 years ago on May 25, 2012

The Wolves Meet | Larkin & Rahne 

It had been a day since Rahne had been back at the X-Mansion and it seemed as if no time had passed since she had left to deal with her foster mother’s death. Before she had returned she had been in contact with Rogue who had caught her up on what had happened in her absence and when Rahne had come home and walked through the front door, Rogue’s information of a new student who had the same mutation as Rahne - to an extent - had been confirmed by Rahne’s nose. She had been able to smell the man all over the mansion. She had decided to wait until today though to meet him which was why she was walking towards the kitchen now. She didn’t really mean to follow his scent, but her nose had taken over. She said hello to some of the students she passed in the hall on her way and ended up in the kitchen where she found Larkin sitting at the counter. “Hi there,” she said with a smile. “So you’re the new wolf running around my home, huh? I’m Rahne.”